7th room
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Hovering ten meters above the ground within the pine tree canopy, the Snøhetta-designed 7th room provides its guests with a breath taking view of the Lapland treetops and the Lule River.
With focus on the surrounding nature, the design features large windows, a netted terrace suspended above the forest floor, and a tree stretching up through the cabin. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred, making the cabin part of the forest.
The bottom part of the cabin acts a sixth façade, covered by a 12x8-meter black and white print of trees reaching up into the sky. Entrance is via an external metal and glass staircase leading up into the cabin, along with a small lift for transporting luggage. Twelve columns carry the cabin, reducing the load borne by the trees and giving a feeling of height and weightlessness, as well as stability. Built as a traditional Nordic cabin, the wooden façade is clad with maintenance free burnt pine boards. The indoor flooring is made from ash wood, while birch plywood is used for the interior walls. With complementing light, wooden furniture, the interior makes up a blonde Nordic contrast to the dark exterior. The 55-square meter space comprises two bedrooms, a social lounge area, a bathroom and an airy terrace, accommodating up to five guests.
The varying floor heights create an efficient and playful interior design. The space is laid out on two levels with only 30cm difference in height. The lounge area is located on the lower floor, while the bedrooms are on the upper level with the beds embedded in the floor.
Ample natural light and two custom made lamps – a collaboration between the architects and Ateljé Lyktan complete the welcoming atmosphere.

Design by: Snøhetta
Photos by: Johan Jansson

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