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Viewed from the front, the 500m2 house looks like a monolithic operation of materials in a monochromatic range. Three rectangular prisms are laid upon one another, into a seemingly peaceful composition. A second, discerning glance reveals a dramatic encounter of opposite materials – poured concrete and glass, creating a semitransparent wall with a decisive line running through it.
The variations of opaque glass in combination with the concrete intensify the building volume , while allowing the light to penetrate the space adding a new dynamic.
The linear cute emphasizes the eastern façade, covering the concrete cut on the southern façade with transparent glass. Thus while the front facade is an abstract creation conceptually assuring the blending of identity and function, the rear facade graphically expresses a three-dimensional probing of depth and brightness.
The entrance to the home occurs on the western side at the patio garden starting from the basement leading to the living rooms.
The double height open plan living faces the southern gardens, also visible from the open library on the first floor level which houses the private rooms. Two staircases lead to the living areas, one descending to the children’s area and another ascending to two additional levels- one containing the children’s living rooms and another with the parents’ rooms.
Two yards run along the children’s quarters, one is a patio ascending to the entrance and the other runs along the eastern side providing light, air, and an abundance of privacy. The function of the floor- corners for sitting, a private yard, and personal gym- attest to the private world of children.
The design of the space and their dispersal upon four planes creates in each one a sense of maximal privacy and although none is entirely exposed each of them comfortably access the exterior.
Thus the structure of concrete and glass of various transparencies leads the user into a journey of alternation between the two materials, further aided by Orly Avron Alkabes’ lighting design.

Design by:  Pitsou Kedem architects
Design team: Pitsou Kedem, Noa Groman
In charge architect: Noa Groman
Lighting design: Orly Avron Alkabes
Styling for photography: Eti Buskila
Photography: Amit Geron  

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