Chalet in Parnassus
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The chalet unfolding in three levels, connected by a wooden staircase, follows harmoniously the rhythm dictated by the hillside location on Mount Parnassus. Thus, part of it sinks into the ground, following the contour of the surrounding site.
Its renewable solid wood structure is supported on a stone base containing the lower ground floor level, which is undercut towards the side of the street and opens out to the side of the stone courtyard.
The main entrance is located on the side of the street, by the parking area. It leads directly to the second level, opening through a cloakroom and guest WC to the unified, double-height space containing the sitting area with a fireplace and the dining area, with a breakfast area by the large, open plan kitchen. The same level houses a bedroom with a bathroom.
The first level contains a guest area and auxiliary spaces, while the third level houses the master en-suite bedroom.
Carefully chosen ceiling lamps and furniture create cozy, contemporary spaces for relaxation aided by the unique warmth of wood, while large glass panels on the residence’s three sides, allow for direct panoramic views.

Design by: Honka 
Photos by: George Fakaros

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