Pool House
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An independent residence for one person is added to an existing house in Pallini. The layout of the addition, in relation to the existing volume, creates a building complex that envelops the swimming pool, highlighting it as central reference point.
The design concept of the building focuses on visual and functional continuity between internal and external space, as well as the possibility of variation of the degree of privacy.
The general layout and the architectural shell are dictated by an austere logic, with lean surfaces and minimal, almost archetypal geometry.
Daily life revolves around a central unified space, for simultaneous sitting, dining and sleeping.
Casings defining side borders slide into the walls and disappear completely. Thus, the central core of the house is no longer a conventional, enclosed room but transforms into an airy canopy; closed on its two short sides, it connects the outdoor areas of either long side.

Design by: panos.nikolaidis.design (pnd) 
Photos by: George Fakaros

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