Residence in Kalavryta
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The design study aimed at the conversion of a typical cottage unfolding on three levels, leaving its outer shell intact. Keeping the same openings in the building envelope and the north-eastern orientation of the residence determined the selection of materials, as well as the lighting design.
The housing typology follows the standards of mountain settlements, without resorting to cottage stereotypes.
Entrance is on the western side of the stone ground floor volume that houses the kitchen, the custom designed quartz mosaic dining, the sitting with fireplace and a container cloakroom. Of particular interest is the helical black ribbon functioning as a banister to the spiral staircase linking the three levels, allowing access from the basement which contains a master en-suite guest room, a sitting area with a bathroom and a study facing the gorge, to the upper level with the exposed trusses of the double-pitched roof housing the children’s bedrooms with their bathroom and the master bedroom.
The main materials used are sheet metal, pine timber and mineral mortars. Black burnt sheet is used in an architectural synthesis of circulation and light, also indicating changes of levels in the sleeping areas. Natural stone mortars and cement screed define floors and bathroom walls, while brushed pine timber provides container-type storage areas.
Following bioclimatic, energy-efficiency principles, the design fully utilizes natural light, adding an atmosphere of lit candles through LED lights of low temperature, appx. 2800K. A hidden LED strip lighting emphasises the custom designed constructions. The colour palette ranges in low contrasts and tonality, so as to integrate the interior to the site contour.

Design by: BllendDesignOffice 
Photos by: George Fakaros

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