Residence in Kilkis
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The residence unfolds mostly at ground floor level; The almost flat plot located on the countryside dictates an obvious connection with the outdoors.
Placing the residence further back from the street allows the development of a large extroverted courtyard. The southern elevation, visible from the street, discreetly holds distances from passersby, without raising the fence to the outside world.
Organising the daily functions of the residence around an atrium multiplies its relation to the outdoors.
The atrium’s tall glass openings reveal four internal façades, transforming life in the interior through them. The residents’ simple daily movements seem as directed behind this filter. They become simultaneously the protagonists and spectators of their life.
The fluid space, the double-sided fireplace as well as the kitchen opening towards the circulation areas are components that fortify this play.

Design by: k&k architects Katerina Kotzia, Korina Filoxenidou 
Photos by: Theodosis Georgiadis

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