Private house in Kifissia
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A methodical dialogue between the internal and external spaces and a concise, pure articulation of volumes developing along two basic axes are the main architectural characteristics of this two-storey northern suburb residence.
A residence of contemporary and dynamic design was created for a family of four.
A coherent theme and use of materials characterizes the building and its interior spaces as well as the surrounding landscape, which appears to be a natural continuation of the structured environment.
The ground floor presents a closed front to the main street (where the entrance is situated) and opens to the internal courtyard and swimming pool. Extensive glazing, along the length of the unified sitting area and the double-height atrium, opens up the field of vision towards the garden while the continuous kitchen area can be closed off using custom-made sliding wooden panels, in dark oak finish.
Wooden louvers shade the large, glazed entrance surfaces, filtering the view and daylight. The liquid element permeating the space is an integral part of the residence’s atmosphere. On the first floor, the bedroom areas all communicate visually with the garden. Notable attention was given to designing the bathroom, which is clad in vraza and pietra serena marble with wooden panelling.
The master bathroom, unique in its size and alignment, in direct contact with the master bedroom, develops into a central space-with the sink and bathtub in the middle
and the walk-in closet, shower and toilet as separate spaces along its perimeter. Here, glass surfaces with the addition of a red film ingeniously alter the two-tone colour palette and the sensation of internal spaces.

Design by: Zege architects (Zeppos - Georgiadi + associates)
Photos by: Vangelis Paterakis


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