Summer house in Santorini
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The design aimed to create a communal living space around the existing palm tree, without distinct borders between inside and outside. This communal space is the void arising from the placement of blocks / structural elements.
The communal space and the staggered blocks shape the conceivable building solid.
The freely arranged horizontal and vertical prisms either surround the private spaces of the bedrooms or comprise functional units.
Their placement adds variety to the sense of communal space, shaping standing corners and allowing for atriums and clerestories that contribute to the vertical communication and the natural lighting of the spaces.
The communal closed, semi open and open space contains the activities of the users which extend to the surrounding garden of the building.
The form emerging from the composition of prisms is a contemporary translation of the vernacular cubist architecture throughout the island settlements, with clear modern influences.

Design by: Kapsimalis Architects
Photos by: Julia Klimi

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