Villa Kogelhof
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Villa Kogelhof is designed based on complete autarky. Therefore the house is energy neutral. By using several techniques such as 280 m2 of solar panels on the roof, the villa has a comfortable climate during all seasons, whilst being extremely energy efficient. It was an important wish from the client to create a simple, abstract, yet spectacular villa. The result is a composition; consisting of two square stacked volumes: one underground and one over the water roof, floating above ground, designed as an uncompromising glass box, supported by a steel V-frame.
One of the main principles of Villa Kogelhof was to translate luxury into the happiness of independence. The goal was to create a self-sufficient villa, generating its own energy, and heating its own water. The underground volume of the house is lit with sunlight passing through the water roof above and comprises the entrance, parking (for 6 cars and a tractor), storage, bathroom and a workspace which looks out over the pond. The living area is situated in the floating glass box above ground. The entire floor is covered with white epoxy and the furniture consists of designer classics from Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray. The façade is completely made out of glass and offers a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape.

Design by: Paul de Ruiter architects
Photos by: Jeroen Musch

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