Villa in Rhodes
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The central idea of two systems (black-white), intertwined in spirals, guides the plasticity of volumes in the residence by creating voids, solids, necessary shadings and above all, shaping the view to such an intense coastal environment.
The residence unfolds in four levels.
The basement comprises auxiliary spaces, the ground floor houses the sitting, dining and kitchen areas, the first floor contains two child bedrooms with an independent bathroom while the attic hosts the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and storage space.
The level of the ground floor is at the courtyard level, in full morphological and also functional continuity.
The courtyard is divided into two parts, both functionally and constructionally. One contains auxiliary uses (parking and car circulation areas) while the other, the living area with a pergola and swimming pool. These two units, while adjacent, have no visual contact.

Design by: Andreas Chadzis, Myrto Kampaloni 
Photos by: Harry Zampetoulas

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