Beds for free-spirited kids by Circu
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Flytastic Airplane Bed for Daring Kids

According to Andre Oliveira, Circu’s Head Designer ‘’Choosing a theme for a kid can influence the building of his behaviour and views on life”. Adopting themes with an educational role and interest, the company established two such children's beds, making bedtime the most awaited moment of the day.
One airplane-themed bedroom is the Sky B Plane. This bed for daring kids is elevated from the floor with decorative suitcases for climbing up or down the airplane. The plane’s wings have a storage compartment with a fiberglass finish on the main structure, wings and body. The interior of the bed is in velvet upholstery. The propeller is in real wood and the wheels are made of rubber. The Sky B Plane is a bed inspired by Leadbottom from the Disney movie “Planes’’.
Another room with tribal style is a beautiful tribute to Native Indians; inspired by free-spirited Pocahontas, it teaches kids the value of loving nature.
Inside the Teepee Room is a bed with a storage area below it and a secret compartment giving access to a toy box on the back, equipped with wheels which allow the box to move around the room. Behind the bed, there are shelves that can be used to display décor items or books. The Teepee Play is a playground that kids can use for a true Wild West movie-worth play session.
The structure of the Teepee Room is aluminium while that of the Teepee Play has brass golden plated finishes and acrylic on the top. The base of both Teepees is in lacquered oak wood. The textile is synthetic fur with a peach texture in the two tents. Both Teepees can be closed from the inside to provide full privacy. The Teepee Room also has a light and sound system controlled by an App – Ilight.

Design by: Circu
Photos by: Circu

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