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The design of the new Japanese restaurant in Kifissia used the culture’s basic priciples of minimalism and simplicity regarding the aesthetics of interior spaces.
Reminiscent of an exclusive haute couture boutique, the unique spatial qualities behind Oozora: The House stand alongside its noteworthy cuisine, incomparably stimulating the senses.
Spaces remain minimal and geometrically decorated with particular attention to detail, reflecting Japanese ideals of natural beauty and sensation. Earthy materials such as timber, bamboo, silk and washi paper accomplish the demanded simplicity and elegance, merging the space with nature and abiding by Japanese tradition.
Walls and ceilings are clad in custom designed timber frames embedding patterns of thin black bamboos and oilcloth. The particularity of the cladding lies in its resemblance to traditional Japanese shoji screens.
Impressive, large golden bamboos embrace the entrance creating a forest of golden reflections that guides the visitor through to the main restaurant area.
Oozora’s exclusive identity is also prompted through the use of azul atlantico and portoro marbles, onyx surfaces and crude Karystos stone which are utilized in strategic areas of the restaurant, such as the linear monolithic bar, the ceiling to floor wave forming the large communal table, as well as the backlit walls on either side of the entrance.

Design by: GJP Design & Construction 
Photos by: George Fakaros


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