Transformation of a Conventional Residence into a Youthful Environment

Apartment Redesign: Revitalization and Youthful Character

The project focuses on the redesign of an already new but small and conventional apartment that lacked a distinctive character. With minimal construction interventions, careful color selection, suitable furnishings, necessary equipment, and decoration that would suit the youthful couple-client, a transformation was achieved that upgrades the existing space.

Functional Interventions: Space Expansion and Adequate Dining Area

Through small functional interventions, an additional workspace and a satisfactory dining area for four people were created. Minor changes to the kitchen and bedroom cabinets increased their functionality, as well as that of the overall space.

Aesthetic Interventions: Vibrancy and Freshness in the Transformed Apartment

Aesthetic interventions gave the apartment character. Youthful and fresh, playful, friendly, and lively at the same time. “Annoying structural elements” such as prominent columns in the living room were transformed into distinctive features of the overall ambiance, incorporating them into a new composition that dominates the space and serves as the apartment’s unique characteristic, while combining them with all the other youthful touches.
The existing kitchen, in black and white, and the gray-beige tiles created a black-and-white direction that was enriched with lively splashes of yellow in small doses, resulting in a distinct, warm, and friendly outcome.
The bedroom complements the all-white wardrobe with white and gray tones, combined with wooden details, creating a sense of tranquility in the space. Despite its small size, with the right choice of furniture and colors, it functions flawlessly.
The bathroom was transformed with black details where necessary.

Meticulous Choices: Furniture, Equipment, and Decorative Elements

Careful lighting choices, such as well-placed table lamps and the slim lighting fixture above the dining table, contribute to the creation of the desired atmosphere and cohesive style.

Overall Renewal: Youthful Environment with Vibrancy and Functionality

Overall, the apartment redesign has created a youthful environment with vibrancy, freshness, and functionality, expressing the character and needs of the young residents.



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