Κofi micro-roastery

Κofi micro-roastery

“Κofi” micro-roastery is a speciality coffee shop placed in the centre of Ioannina city, which offers its own coffee blend, roasted in the heart of the shop. The aim was to design a place, which could host and offer all coffee lovers a pleasant experience, at the same unfolding its role as a “lab” which self-produces the coffee it serves. The concept of the design was to combine a rough industrial aesthetic with natural and warm tones.
The structural concrete elements of the 1966-built store are revealed and used as the main tool for redefining space. The interior consists of two spaces; the coffee shop, where the preparation and serving of coffee takes place, and a space for the roastery machine and the coffee-making process. Glass divides these two spaces, so every client can take a sneak peak of the roasting process. Kofi micro-roastery is designed with emphasis on details. The old mosaic floor is restored, adding to the store’s atmosphere, as it combines the nostalgia of the bygone with the contemporary new character of the place. The bar which is coated with grey tiles comprises the heart of the shop. Behind it, a large white display furniture showcases the coffee bags and all other products on sale. White wall tiles complete the overall aesthetic, their glimpse contrasting the old structure, which is painted black, referencing the memory of the space itself.
Lastly, the white volumes on the black ceiling delimit both the use and illumination of the open sitting areas.

Design by:

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Kostis Mouselimis 
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