Χenia Build Hotel

Χenia Build Hotel: Sustainability, Design, and Challenges

The way sustainability is related to the tourism industry, and the importance of their interconnection, both for the development of tourism and for the environmental protection of tourist destinations, will be elaborated on the stage of Xenia Build Hotel at Hall2.

The development and promotion of infrastructure and services aimed at upgrading the tourism product will star in the discussions that will take place during all three days of Xenia Build Hotel, considering the local culture, cultural value, and preservation of the natural environment.

Innovative ideas, technological products, and useful tools for hotel environmental sustainability will be presented by specialized speakers, architects, engineers, and executives from the market and hotel industry.

Hotel owners, who have already made significant improvements and continue to do so to minimize the impact on the environment, as well as owners and executives of new hotels which focus on environmental protection, will be informed about the latest developments, products, and trends.

ek magazine is the curator and coordinator of the architectural talks during Xenia Build Hotel.

Saturday, November 27


Green Building Tools, Petros Tavaniotis | BETAPLAN


Interplay of the Built and Natural Environment: The Case of Vathi Cove Resort & Spa

Myrto Theodoraki – Alexandros Massouridis | MT Architects


Panel Discussion Royal Senses & Spa by Hilton: Contemporary Outlook on Cretan Hospitality

Peppas N Architects – Constantinos Dermitzakis – Spyros Kouris


Designing for Symbiosis in the hospitality sector, Alexia Karakassi | doxiadis+ Architects

Sunday, November 28

11:00 – 11:45

Landform Architecture, Dora Sweijd – Theo Sarantoglou Lalis | LASSA Architects


Case study: Say Hotel “Modernizing a 1950ies Building”, Marika Mavroleon | A&M Architects

13:00- 13:45

Case Study: The Olivar Suites “Negotiating Rural Landscapes”, Phivos Skroumbelos | AUDO


Panel Discussion: Sustainability, Design & Materials | GALLIS S.A – EUROPA – VITEX

Monday, November 29


Case Study: Ilya Botanic Suites “Design, Landscape, and Sustainability”, Praxitelis Kondylis | A31


Green Technologies for Sustainable Landscape Architecture, Lambrini Podaropoulou | LANDCO

For more information click here: Xenia Build Hotel: Building sustainable hotels | Events | XENIA Trade Show

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