100% Hotel Show

The most impressive 100% Hotel Show of all time begins on November 15th, 2019!

Reaching its seventh year, the 100% Hotel Show is preparing its most impressive event, which will be held on 15-18 November at Mediterranean Exhibition Center (MEC) in Peania, evolving its basic structure into something completely new to the Greek exhibition standards!

The 100% Hotel Show is now the top exhibition for Hoteliers (especially for medium and high-class accommodation, boutique hotels, villas, etc.) and new investments in Greece and Cyprus. Reaching the 30,000 visits in its previous event, and having already achieved 6 successful years with a steady upward progress, the 100% Hotel Show is going through this year’s major change that will turn it into a show, in which the hotelier will not only find solutions for his hotel, from the Design to its Digital Marketing, but will also cover other important issues such as the operational needs of their accommodation (e.g. finding personnel), its practical training on key issues and the presentation of new ideas that may increase the call for new markets.

The Importance of the 100% Hotel Show’s date

November is the ideal month for the hotelier to organize for the next year and make the right decisions about the evolution of his product. The 100% Hotel Show chooses the third weekend of November (15-18/11/2019), in order to better serve the hoteliers, as for many hotel owners the season has just ended and there is a good time until the beginning of December, when the “holiday season” begins. On the same time, the turning point of the 100% Hotel Show’s date is connected with other major exhibitions such as WTM London, helping both hoteliers and companies to organize a “fair road trip” that will provide the best guarantees for 2020.

What’s changing in the 100% Hotel Show 2019?

Like every institution that respects the audience that follows it, the 100% Hotel Show is evolving its experience according to the global trends, but also through the visitor’s own comments. Together with the developments in the Greek Hotel Market, the 100% Hotel Show presents a renewed exhibition structure designed to provide meaningful answers to key hotel questions.

Emphasis on Hotel Decoration as well as on renewed proposals for Architectural and Construction solutions

For the first time, Hotel Decoration, a brand new part of the exhibition will be presented, with a careful selection of companies that will provide smart solutions and suggestions. As the part of the renovation process is now particularly important, and in conjunction with Hotel Decoration, Architecture, Build & Materials is expected to present new solutions to the site remodeling, while the Furniture and Fabrics section welcomes Housekeeping equipment as a new proposal of the exhibition. With the 100% Hotel Show presenting the widest range of solutions for the construction and renovation of a hotel, this year, a special room with exclusively architectural workshops will be set up for the first time and will be the reference point for the hotel architectural development.

Workshops put key issues in the center, focusing primarily on opening up new Hotels markets, as well as reducing operational costs

With 2019 being a controversial year on the dynamics of Greece as a tourist destination, the 100% Hotel Show will dedicate a large part of its Workshops on how hotels can reach new markets that will enhance their fullness without being dependent on stifling agreements. At the same time, as the management of operating costs in relation to the financial performance of an accommodation is of great interest, the organization will present a series of special workshops on this direction. Also, for the first time, the program of the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour, which was attended by more than 1800 hoteliers and architects in Greece and Cyprus between February and June 2019, will be presented during the 100% Hotel Show.

Exhibitors are in the process of selecting even more personalized hotel propositions to showcase their most recent and innovative ideas, while enhancing entries for finding and educating personnel

The special sections of the 100% Hotel Show, Digital & SalesGastronomy and Wellness are enormously successful, as the companies that participate in them present exclusively specialized solutions for the audience of the exhibition. In the same context, the other exhibitors are on the same page, trying to promote the most useful and applicable products and services for the Hotel Industry. In this way, the quality of the hotelier’s visit increases even more, while companies have better prospects for new deals. Meanwhile, since the finding and training of personnel is one of the most important needs for the modern hotelier, participations that provide a direct solution to this issue will be strengthened, while also presenting some special actions.

Save the date: 15 – 18 November 2019

The audience can get their free ticket in their personal visitor profile on www.hotelshow.gr, where the full Workshop program as well as the detailed exhibitors list will be posted shortly.

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15 – 18 November 2019

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