100% Hotel Show

Having already had four successful events, with over 17,000 visitors, 100% Hotel Show returns more dynamic than ever, on 17-20 November 2017 at the MEC Peania Exhibition Center. The emphasis on high quality and hotel specialization attracts more and more visitors, making the institution the most dynamic exhibition for hoteliers and tourism professionals, as well as architects, interior designers etc. The next event is expected to be more dynamic and impressive than ever, focusing on the presentation of targeted solutions and ideas for hoteliers that will fully meet their modern needs. After all, 100% Hotel Show is the only exhibition which has a special team of hotel consultants who study the needs of the market, specifying a high-quality exhibition experience. The main objective of the exhibition remains the evolution of the hotel industry. An important role towards this direction, will be played by the actions around the Design like the New Exhibition Sections, Case Study Rooms and of course Hotel Design Awards which are expected to provide complete solutions for hotel’s construction and renovation. As the professionals of the hotel industry are one of the most upgraded categories of professionals in Greece, 100% Hotel Show will ensure a high-quality and premium-quality organization with a strong digital character, as all contemporary professional exhibitions are expected to have.

New Exhibition Sections
In the specially designed Exhibition Units, the visitor-hotelier can find, sorted by category, solutions related to the various stages of a hotel development. Grouping by category helps to attract targeted audiences with greater buying interest, while equally highlights all participations.

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Services
  • Operation

Case Study Rooms The actual implementation of a product or service is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective ways of presentation. In this context, 100% Hotel Show proceeds to the creation of a new and innovative exhibition area, where companies and professionals will be able to present applied examples to the visitors. In a specially designed environment, companies will have the option of renting space-specific places to showcase their product or service.

  • Architectural drawings
  • Ready rooms
  • Styles
  • Technological Applications
  • Automation

Hotel Design Awards Hotel Design Awards underline the central role of 100% Hotel Show in the Construction and Renovation industry of Greek Hotels. The competition aims to highlight and reward the best hotel projects from Greece and Cyprus and to inspire the hotel market for new investments. Starting this year, the Hotel Design Awards will become extrovert, since their main objective will be the promotion of Greek Hotel Design abroad, as a powerful tourist comparative advantage.

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17 – 20 November 2017

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