10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

The Hellenic Institute of Architecture, within its mission of promoting contemporary Greek architecture, organizes the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects, in strategic partnership with ek magazine.

The Biennale is an institution of recurring documentation, curating the best current projects by young architects; it showcases selected works as the most noteworthy among many entries, and each jury selection records the singular “spirit” of its respective two-year time frame.

Concurrently, the Biennale events aim to collect a representative body of works by young architects, to showcase new creative professionals, and to host an exchange of views regarding architectural theory and practice in contemporary Greece.

The Biennale accepts entries by licensed architects, up to 45 years of age; entries may include realized works, or projects, on the grounds that the latter are the outcome of an actual commission.

Further, the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects launches the Critical Essay Award, on 21st-Century architecture in Greece, and its prospects. All awarded essays and selected works will be featured in detail, and will be published in the catalog, curated by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture.

The 5-member Jury includes the architects: Kostas Adamakis, Nikos Vratsanos, Zissis Kotionis, Dimitris Potiropoulos, and Sofia Tsiraki.


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