ek architectural publications, in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute of Architecture organized on Friday 7 December 2018 at the premises of SNFCC, an Architectural event to mark the 40 years of ISV Architects’ creative course. An evening dedicated to Babis Ioannou, Tasos Sotiropoulos and Alexander Van Gilder, who have in the last 40 years completed a series of distinct projects.

During the event, which was a great success attracting more than 600 attendees, distinguished professors of architecture and architects demonstrated, through their speeches, different approaches and interpretations of the contribution of ISV in the architecture of our country. Among others, the speakers referred to the different categories of the office’s body of work – residences, office buildings, hotels, retail – endeavouring to highlight their influence on younger generations of architects.

The event was coordinated by Stavros Martinos, architect and member of ek magazine’s editorial team, with the following speakers:
Dimitris Philippidis, Architect – Emeritus professor at NTUA, Elias Konstantopoulos, Architect – Professor at University of Patras – President of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Tassis Papaioannou, Architect – Professor at NTUA, Ariadni Vozani, Architect – Associate Professor at NTUA – Editorial director of ek magazine, Nikolas Travasaros, Architect – Founding member of Divercity Architects and Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Architect – Assistant Professor at NTUA – Founding member of Tense Architecture Network.

Babis Ioannou, Architect and founding member of ISV Architects, closed the event in a thank you speech entitled “Architecture of Well Being” where he touched upon the hard work behind this exciting result. The joys and disappointments; the necessity for man and his needs to always be in the forefront of their projects.

In the context of the event, a book with the same title was published, which was edited and prefaced by Ariadni Vozani and Elias Konstantopoulos, presenting projects of different typologies of the last decade (houses, residential complexes, office buildings and hotels) that helped shape a new image of the environment of the city, the suburbs and the Greek countryside, through architectural and constructional quality.
Alongside the texts and the rich photographic material of the edition, previously unpublished architectural drawings of these particular structures are presented, with the intention of a wider understanding of ISV’s principles and synthetic choices in projects that aimed to be places of desire, places of a timeless, hedonistic and unapologetically modern architecture.

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Ariadni Vozani, Elias Konstantopoulos
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