ek magazine architectural editions and the Hellenic Institute of Architecture organize, on Friday 7 December at the premises of SNFCC, an event to mark the 40 years of ISV Architects’ creative course.

• Dimitris Philippidis, Architect – Emeritus professor at NTUA
• Elias Konstantopoulos, Architect – Professor at University of Patras –
  President of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture
• Tassis Papaioannou, Architect – Professor at NTUA –
  Founding member of Demetrios Issaias-Tassis Papaioannou architectural practice
• Ariadni Vozani, Architect – Associate Professor at NTUA –
  Editorial director of ek magazine
• Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Architect – Assistant Professor at NTUA –
  Founding member of Tense Architecture Network
• Nikolas Travasaros, Architect – Founding member of Divercity Architects
• Babis Ioannou, Architect – Founding member of ISV Architects
ISV Architects, among the most recognisable in the Architecture field in Greece, is widely accepted with a creative scope of almost all project categories: Residential, Apartment buildings, Retail, Special buildings, Complex building projects. Babis Ioannou and Tasos Sotiropoulos started their cooperation in 1978 as IS and continued

Apart from their stability, consistency and quality of their architectural production, ISV stand out for their longevity. Having started as IS with the cooperation of Babis Ioannou and Tasos Sotiropoulos in 1978, ISV was established in 1982 when Alexander Van Gilder joined the team.

Four decades later, with presence in Greece and abroad, ISV continue their dynamic course, contributing to the contemporary architectural reality with the high quality of their projects.


ek magazine, Hellenic Institute of Architecture
Ariadni Vozani, Elias Konstantopoulos
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