A Play of Parallel Volumes

The 300m² double-story house is designed for a family of four; the privileged position of the property, with uninterrupted south views of Limassol’s waterfront, solicited the wish for all spaces to enjoy the sea view.

The design was established as a play of two volumes, one white and one in bare reinforced concrete with visible formwork. The white, double-story volume penetrates the other perpendicularly. The concrete volume extends along the entire length of the property, and the white one accommodates the main program of the ground floor and first level, keeping the required distances from the property limits. Their intersection is marked with the use of vertical wooden shades. The concrete volume, extended, dissolves into vertical elements, to provide the courtyard with privacy and protection from the western winds.

The ample lounge and dining area are joined in the same open space on the ground level, while the kitchen and living room are separated with a sliding glass door. Visitor access crosses through an upward trail to the main entrance and is demarcated by vertical concrete elements that turn towards an enclosed garden.

At night, the trail is animated with lighting, leading to the house. The living room and kitchen are connected to the outside through a covered terrace, equipped with barbecue and a dining bench. The integrated lounge and dining room area extends outdoors through the large corner opening, consistent with the wish of the owners for seamless communication between all spaces.

The first level houses four bedrooms, in-suite with bathrooms for complete independence. The master bedroom is located on the southwestern part of the volume and includes a dressing room, bathroom, and a large porch. The bedrooms of the two children are placed int the “heart” of the floor, intercepted with two bathrooms for better sound insulation. The guest bedroom is in a recess at the southeastern end of the house. All rooms enjoy the Limassol sea view and are connected through a long, continuous balcony opposite the southern view.


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