A 70m2 studio apartment was redesigned as a modern getaway in the historic Neve Tzedek neighbourhood in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The property, closed and derelict for years, comprised a patchwork of shacks joined together in a dark and disjointed maze with a hidden patio; a slanted wall truncated the entire space. The building received a thorough renovation and a structural reinforcement, comprising the replacement of roof beams and strengthening the patio’s exterior wall with two steel rails, without any height or façade alterations, as required by the preservation authorities.

The new plan creates the illusion of an open rectangular space, extenuating the horizontal and vertical axes (Cardo and Decumanus), and dividing the interior into four rectangular spaces: sleeping area, living room, kitchen and patio. In order to further maintain the open plan in the interior, the bathroom was hidden behind a door in the kitchen. Wooden shutters typical of the neighbourhood were chosen for the windows facing the street, providing privacy. The residence orientates fully towards the well lit patio, via black framed vitrine windows on the two fronts, which intersect with the black Belgian style pivot windows between the sleeping and kitchen areas, allowing for visual continuity as well as natural lighting and ventilation throughout the interior. Thus a sense of an urban secluded villa built around a private courtyard is created, in what is essentially a small one bedroom apartment.

The overall grey colour palette creates a clean yet cosy modern space, with a focal point created by the dyed black kitchen island, matching the black granite countertop. The wooden furniture, cement screed floor and greenery in the patio complete the setting. The final result reveals the property’s hidden promise, giving it new life.

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Amit Geron
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