Abu Dhabi factory

Estimated at $100.000.000, the new puff pastry manufacturing plant is the largest of its kind in the world. The purpose of the development of this plant is to produce 350 tonnes of puff pastry daily, most of which will be exported. The building will be erected on a 200.000m² plot of land and will cover a total of 50.000m². The manufacturing sequence dictates a linear development. The starting point is the unloading bay located by the 20 grain silos and the 9 refrigerators for raw materials, each 500m². The preparation area of raw materials divides into the kitchen unit for pastry production and kneading unit for flour processing. In continuation there are 6 fully automatic production lines. Lastly products are stored in the finished goods area. Approximately 700 members of staff are located within the building’s core which consists of office spaces and administrative support. The building’s morphology evokes the rippling of a ribbon, triggered by an invisible hand, or the wave like undulation of the desert sand dunes caused by the winds. Its final form is a result of a second outer shell that covers the interior framework. The secondary carapace is a lightweight metal structure lined with a light coloured reflective material. The dual exterior frameworks are essentially a passive bioclimatic system they create a cushion of air that ensures the building’s cooling and reduces the temperature in the interior. On the roof, the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems will procure the largest percentage of energy production in order to secure the plant’s operation. The surrounding land besides the network of roads for incoming and outgoing vehicles and parking lots includes the formation of vast green areas creating a new source of oxygen for the area. Planting is not limited to the exterior, the building is permeated with plants. In the central section – the building’s reception area for guests and the staff break area, has indoor gardens with flowerbeds and artificial lakes. This results in the creation of a microclimate within the building that will cause a natural reduction of the building’s temperature. All spaces are aesthetically designed in accordance to their function, at the epicenter is the human factor as a constant point of reference. In particular the lobby and recreational zones, intend to evoke an intense sense of luxury through the use of materials of exceptional quality. The plant will be equally impressive by night. Careful lighting will accentuate the structural rippling and the transparent interior spaces with their courtyards.

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