WORKSHOP: July 8 to 18, 2019 at Benaki Museum, Peiraios 138

APPLY NOW for an ten days Summer Architectural Program by email at [email protected]

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ArchitectScripta organizes an independent Architecture Seminar that introduces participants to discussions of “Form” processing in Architecture and Art, through specialized design software and production. ArchitectScripta’s ‘Black is Dark White’ is running under the auspices of the Benaki Museum, the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the School of Fine Arts. It is an opportunity for young architects, students of architecture and art, designers and artists.

The seminar is taught by ArchitectScripta Team Nefeli Chatzimina (AAD Columbia University, Lecturer University of Southern California, PhD Candidate National Technical University of Athens, ArchitectScripta Principal) and Nikos Papavasileiou (MSc Candidate National Technical University of Athens, ArchitectScripta Principal, Professional Degree). The attendance is daily from 10am to 5pm. The seminar lasts eleven days where each participant is attending lectures, technical courses, reviews on their personal project and at the end is taking part of an international exhibition and presentation of his or her work to invited guest crits.


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