Alexis Kittas

The 25 square meter jewelry store is located in the heart of Ioannina. His work is bounded by some persistent and recurring ideas such as the quality of light, the kin geometrical patterns, the vigorous and fine workmanship, the intricate detailing. These elements were the starting point of the study of this jewelry concept store. Clear metallic stripes -lining the walls- create pure geometric shapes, glass cubic vitrines, rectangle metallic boxes and round mirrors are the main showcases. Round and oval mirrors are placed in a way that creates depth and multiple views through their reflections. All furniture pieces, along with the modern ‘U’ shape chandelier and the mirror with brass framework, were designed especially for the store. The fluorescent strip lighting illuminates the space leading to the jeweler’s studio. The black terrazzo tile is used on the floor and on all monolithic furniture. Every element was carefully considered- the architecture, the light, the materials used, the palette, the furniture pieces are all linked in a harmonious way. The lights are casted absorbed and reflected on the materials during the passage of the day and create a different atmosphere that would be conducted by the main synthetic approach. The main goal was to exceed given architectural typologies and create a concept store that would reflect the multifaceted aspect of the owners’s creations and the ethos of his work.

Photos by:
Yannis Zindrilis

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