An extrovert internal courtyard

The residence that was remodeled dates to 1950. In an effort to achieve extroversion, a dialogue was created between existing and new volumes that accommodate new uses. The outer staircase is circular, following the curve of the roof.

The main feature of the proposal is the use of local stone and the plasticity of the volumes. The residence is double height at the ground floor that communicates with the courtyard. In this area an extension was made, and a circular bathroom was created with a built-in shower and cement-lined bench, while the old stone was kept on the sink wall.

At the entrance, the ceiling with cypress wood and stone support was restored and maintained. Two levels create the seating area, all coated with cement mortar that also continues at the circular staircase. On the floor the old rood was removed and a new one was constructed, while the old floor made from soil, was replaced with a concrete slab. There, two new additions were created for the bathroom.

Photos by:

Aerial Photography-Cinematography, John Κouskoutis

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