Apartment building in Vouliagmeni

Apartment building in Vouliagmeni

Set against a backdrop of the Hymettus mountain range, the Armonia apartment building overlooks the pine-fringed bay of the prosperous coastal resort of Vouliagmeni, with sweeping views across the Laimos isthmus to the Mikro Kavouri peninsula and the small rocky islet of Fleves. Observed from the sea, its architecture is designed to read as a graphically simple composition of slender white horizontal lines, framing full-height glass and bronze finished elements that quietly animate the elevations with rhythm and pattern.
All of the building’s 22 apartments are designed to make the most of the views and as containers for the extraordinary Aegean light. Fluid layouts incorporate generous terraces for expansive outdoor living, with timber floors running seamlessly across inside and outside spaces. Sliding screen elements filter the sunlight, dappling surfaces with a shifting tracery of shadow, whilst also allowing the free flow of air. Throughout, the aim has been to achieve the highest levels of functional refinement, whilst also creating a quality of atmosphere that transforms the spatial experience by adding an authentic emotional dimension.

Photos by:
George Fakaros
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