Apartment Renovation in Exarchia

In downtown Athens in the Exarchia district, Arcore engineers designed and carried out the refurbishment of an 75m² apartment.  The flat lies on the second floor of an early 70ies apartment block.

The initial layout was totally reorganized to suit the needs of a young couple and meet their aesthetic criteria. The original floor plan consisted of an entrance hall, a closed off kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms and a bath.  In accordance with the proposal, the new layout includes an open space kitchen -living room, one bedroom and a bigger bathroom. The living room is separated from the bedroom with the use of steel frame & glass sliding doors, which, when left open can add up to the open space of the living room. Moreover, through the glass doors, natural light can flow through and give a uniform level of light in the living spaces. The final proposal was based on the initial concept, which was the creation of an open living space, where there are no limits depending on the use of each space. The wooden floor is preserved and is combined with grey and wooden elements. Bicolored walls are proposed as an abstract reference to the aesthetics of the 70’s. Colour is also chosen for the bathroom. As for the furniture and the frames of shutters, natural materials and simple lines have been selected.


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