Apartment Renovation in Kolonaki

The apartment, dating from the 1950ies, is located in the center of Athens, a few steps from the Museum of Cycladic Art. Its architecture and its Art Deco feel were the source of inspiration for the design team, assigned to combine the building image with the fondness of the owners for midcentury design.

Outstanding architectural features of the existing apartment, such as the herringbone oak floors with elaborate borders, were preserved during renovation; in a similar manner, the prominent panelled doors, dividing the entrance hallway from the living room and the old office space, were integrated in the architectural design. Selected materials were used, like natural-colored plaster facing, adding depth to the wall surfaces.

The functional rearrangement of the space was given particular consideration, because natural light was insufficient for most rooms. To cater to the needs of a large family, and also to explore the potential of prime short-term rental, natural light needed to be maximized, especially in the shared spaces. Therefore, the bedrooms and bathrooms were placed in the darker areas, with interior lightwells distributing natural light in the entire apartment. Eventually, hidden storage and concealed passages, such as walk-through woven straw closets leading to a “secret” bathroom, create a mysterious, theatrical atmosphere, supported by architectural lighting.

The fondness of the owners for classic 1950ies items was the guide in the selection of furniture and objects. The apartment features the classic Eero Saarinen table in Arabesquato marble, combined with authentic Henry W. Klein chairs from an antique shop in the Netherlands; The television sideboard is made by a Portuguese artisan, faithfully reproducing 1960ies design. The kitchen keeps with a constructivist aesthetic, to be consistent with the integrated living and dining area. Materials include volcanic stone, oak, black metal sheets, Viennese straw weave and crumpled linen Yutes, combined with selected art works and ceramic sculptures, leading to an adequate aesthetic result. 

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