Apartment renovation in North Athens

INSiDE Architects have recently renovated an existing residence in Nea Erythrea, giving contemporary use and style.

The architectural organization is maintained and improved with small -scale interventions. The apartment is given a new layout inspired by the new owner’s living requirements. The interventions were made with the basic principle of unifying the spaces and simplifying the movement, with the light flowing unhindered.

The intense presence of linearity, which is attributed two-dimensionaly in selected textile surfaces and three-dimensionaly in custom-made fittings from natural wood, provides a continuous geometry in the space on a background of white and grey, complementary to the overall style of home.

The open space: entrance – living room – dining room – kitchen, is indirectly divided by wooden fittings, combined with hidden lighting. The aim was to redesign, simplify and integrate the individual spaces, greatly improving the functionality and aesthetics of the apartment. In this “open plan” design, the decorative details acquire the significance assigned to them as touches of interest in the geometric background that they receive.


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