Apartment renovation in South Athens

The apartment in the southern suburbs of Athens, with a total area of ​​165m², was a spacious typical apartment, built during the ‘90s. A basic design requirement was the remodeling of its functional structure, based on the needs and lifestyle of the new owners. At the same time, the main issue was the creation of a new Mediterranean character. The design has references to the landscape of the Greek Cycladic islands discreetly adapted to the urban environment to which it belongs.

The main idea was based on architectural simplicity, with clear, geometric lines, shaped by simple, imaginative, and functional customized structures. The reorganization of the floor plan of the living spaces of the apartment, through the demolition of selected walls, aimed at softening the boundaries between different uses. The new solution achieved the unification of spaces, visually and functionally, creating a common experience through the sequence of movements. At the same time, the uniform diffusion of natural light, contributes to the unification of spaces, allowing to increase the brightness in the apartment.

The choice of materials follows and consolidates the design idea. The choice of a wooden oak floor throughout the apartment, except for the bathrooms, in combination with the monochromatic walls, provides an excellent background for the handmade wooden structures in the kitchen and bedroom closets. The thematic curtain in the kitchen, the handmade knitted lamps from natural materials and the panoramic wallpaper in the dining room, enhance the composition.

The architectural gestures contribute to the creation of a new habitation experience, in a bright, natural, handmade, familiar environment with references from the habitat and landscape of the Cycladic islands.


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