Apartment renovation

The apartment is located on the third floor of a listed building in the center of Thessaloniki. The new concept had to be tailored to the needs of a four-member family. The basic organization of the floorplan has been preserved to the highest degree, while it has been improved by small-scale interventions. The main objective of the aesthetic direction of the design was the revival of some of the original, classic elements of the building, such as the windows and interior doors, or plaster decorative elements on walls and ceiling, combined with the adaptation of the apartment both functionally and aesthetically to contemporary standards of comfort and lifestyle.

The material palette of the apartment was based on large scale clear and white surfaces, both on the most part of walls as well as on windows, interior doors, ceilings and curtains. Flooring is largely dominated by wood, with oak-wide boards in their natural hue, except for the wet areas of the kitchen and bathrooms. The color scheme is scaled between warm (red-pink) and cold (blue-petrol) shades, while the most of tonal contrast results from the “dialogue” between the extensive white surfaces and the black details of furnishings.

Photos by:

POV Studio, Ektoras Nikolakis

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