The project is located in the engineered Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, in Al Khiran, southern Kuwait. The development brings the sea into the desert to create a series of canals that are anchored by several docks and marinas. The five south-eastern facing plots of the five residences sit on one of the inner canals, overlooking the sea. To create a design interpretation of the Kuwaiti way of life and its needs with a sense of unity, the same architectural language of simple plane geometry and the same programmatic organization were used, with slight harmonious variations, evident on the canal elevations.
Next to each entrance stands a formal social gathering space for guests, the diwanyia. At ground floor level, the main daily living areas relate with the beach, exterior patios, gardens and pool areas, enjoying a privileged view over the canal. Upper floors are reserved for the bedrooms, with a wider, albeit protected, view over the city, bounded by enveloping walls, partially perforated to guarantee the requested privacy. Rooftops combine seating areas with 360º panoramic views over Khiran for when the absence of shade is tolerable. This simple and neutral architectural approach attempts to restore use, functions and habitability on a basic shade-and-courtyards design, contradicting with the architectural anarchy and the heterogeneous image of a place that is yet to be defined.

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João Morgado 
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