The 110m² dried nuts store in the center of Larissa brings nature to center stage, through a critical selection of local and international elements. The organic shapes of natural forms and the spire, which is the company trademark, became the primal sources of design inspiration.

The spiral is fundamental to nature and symbolizes creation and growth. Curvilinear constructions emulate movement and provide a feeling of freedom. Natural materials such as timber and stone have been used for the construction and implementation of the project. As a result of the organic approach to interior design, the configuration components recreate a sense of physical coherence and satisfy functional requirements. A central element of the store is a holm oak tree that symbolizes life. Natural light evokes the feeling of being in nature. The choice of furniture and lights call attention to the shape of the spiral. Furthermore, spiral elements decorate the display cases and the storage area. Different species of indoor plants bring the freshness of the outdoors inside, adding to the store’s natural feeling. The colour palette picked for the walls and furniture is featured in shades of brown, green, white, and gold, communicating a sense of luxury. The result is an overall timeless architectural experience and a welcoming environment that makes people feel at home.

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