ArXellence 2 Exhibition

The Open, International Architectural Ideas Competition ArXellence 2, an initiative by ALUMIL, set the framework for highlighting innovative design as the ideal approach for creating the new Central Business District of Thessaloniki (CBD) and prescribing a sustainable urban development for the west waterfront of the city. The international architectural community responded to the call by the company with 1464 enrollments and 173 submitted entries, underscoring the necessity of redesigning this historical yet long-defunct area, following sustainability principles.

The culmination of the competition will see the official Exhibition, from September 11-26, in the heart of the west entrance to the city, the Old Abattoir. All 173 submitted entries will be presented in the outdoor space of the International Center for Digital Transformation and Skills – Cisco (DT&S), launching a “dialog” with the site, its present image, and its people’s testimonials.

Concurrent to the exhibition, a series of parallel events will bring attention to the crucial importance of implementing one of the entries, will facilitate contact between the citizens and the history and features of the site, and record their preferences on the desired shape of the west entrance of the city.

  • Round table discussion: “Seeking the Possible and the Required between Cultural Heritage & Modern Architecture.” [Saturday, September 11, 2021]
  • Photography Competition [August 12-September 10, 2021]
  • Thematic tours [Saturday 11 September, Friday 17 September, Sunday 19 September, Friday 24 September]
  • Online poll on the entries [3-26 September 2021]
  • School and institutional visits [13-26 September 2021]

Detailed information and ways of participation to the parallel events will be announced soon.

With this initiative, in the framework of its corporate responsibility honoring its domestic base, ALUMIL aspires to set the grounds for the competition, the exhibition, and parallel events to underline – through architecture and contemporary urban design – the fact that Thessaloniki is a global city, with the potential of undertaking a leading role in the near future; a city that will boast not only high-level corporate space but also zones combining commercial activity with prime quality housing.

More information:

Exhibition website

Exhibition video

Competition website

The Competition was organized and financed by ALUMIL, with the support of the International Union of Architects (UIA). Its proceedings complied with the UNESCO Model Rules for International Architecture and Urban Design Competitions and the UIA handbook of good practice. The Competition was held under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Prefecture of Central Macedonia, the Technical Chamber of Greece / Central Macedonia Section, and the Union of Architects of Thessaloniki.



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