Barbara Que

The two main ideas in the creation of this all-day Burger Bar, οn the ground floor of an office building just a couple of steps from the main square of Vrislissia town, were the industrial look and feel and the unification of the interior with the exterior.

The building owner’s requirement was to minimize modifications. The double-height space, the curvy attic, the existing shell of bulky columns and masonry, and the large openings, were the elements that should be incorporated in the design.

From the outset, the wish of the owners was to erase the limits between indoor and outdoor and this set the main direction for the seating arrangement and the choice of the materials and design details.

The central area of the restaurant is connected to the main yard. On the attic, a small lounge is accommodated, in addition to other small auxiliary facilities, creating a balcony with a view of the main restaurant hall.

In the interior, large metal dividing structures in glass and mirror, floor and wall cladding with the warm tones of brick tiles, metal and wooden structures, hanging plants from the roof, compose the design palette, consistent with the two main principals of this project.

The dominant element in the hall is the extravagantly designed bar, which highlights the significant roof height. Carefully picked antique furniture, along with custom-made lighting, enhances the industrial character of the interior.

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