Blue Frames Summer House

An existing holiday home originally built in 1986 in Andros Island, was refurbished to modernize its appearance, improve its functional organization, and optimize the views towards the sea. The landscape design of the garden area and the incorporation of a swimming pool were also in the brief.

Layout design

The plot on which the house stands has an apparent terrain height differentiation of 2.00m and the house is developed on two above-ground levels and a semi-basement. The ground level includes the living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms; the first floor accommodates one bedroom, and the semi-basement contains a guest room.

Façade design and fenestration

The house location and the unobstructed view to the sea determined the arrangement and the size of the fenestration on the facades, designed in a way to allow the exceptional qualities of the scenery to enter the house, in a controlled manner through selected frames.


The surrounding area, already formed on two levels, was revamped, the external stairs were reconstructed, and the lower level was landscaped into a pool area and a garden.


E. Marmaras, E. Dretta, D. Tsagaraki

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