Small spaces always create a challenge, urging the designers to align with the “design follows function” rule. With a master plan of 25m2, half of which had to be given to the practice zone, the design team decided to create an “experiential” space. Located in the city center and providing an exclusive treatment, this venue had to be a unique one. Therefore it stimulates the senses, galvanizing an unexpected experience that starts with entering the waiting room and proceeds with the treatment area. High-end covering materials, a fresh & stirring color palette, and custom constructions on the ceilings (inspired by the shape and lines of an eyebrow) have resulted in the creation of a modern and vigorous space. Plants, decorative objects and furniture, create a harmonious synthesis which provides the perfect surroundings for an “Oasis in the City”.

Design by:
Photos by:
Takis Nikolopoulos

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