Vacation Home Design in Halkidiki

In a suburban settlement by the sea, Geoponika, in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki, a holiday house of 75m² was built on a corner site of 500m². The building was designed according to the privacy needs of a family of three, combined with the hosting of friends with space for common holiday activities.

As a main idea for the design, the possibility of symbiosis was explored, considering the examples of collective holiday facilities in Greece (camps, motels, organized camping etc). The building is developed on the ground level, while the main spaces are placed in a linear layout. The bedrooms, three compact dwellings, are alternated with the two common areas–permeable spaces: the living room, and the patio. The patio, inside the building volume, between the main house and the guest house, enhances the autonomy of the tenants and functions as a meeting point. The house faces south and its location on the plot ensures a large outdoor courtyard, motivating outdoor living.

The design and selection of materials was based on the culture of “frugal innovation”, focused on serving the basic functions and aims to improve the sustainability of the building. At the same time, minimizing the use of processed materials that increase the required financial resources and environmental footprint, significantly reduces the cost of ownership without diminishing the spatial experience. At the Bungalow House, the exposed concrete of the large horizontal slab-roof, the fence, and the spruce wood boards used for the shutters, illustrate the practice of simple use of materials.

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