Cactus Paradise

This design makes part of a broader hotel renovation project in Stalida, Crete; it is proceeding in stages, to result in the creation of a high-end hospitality unit. The new architectural design is called to transform and complement the existing space in a creative, respectful manner. The present study proposes a multipurpose restaurant space accommodating different activities, also refurbishing its open-air surroundings.

The main idea creates four different places, kept together by the square and immediate sea and road access. Those include the traditional coffee shop, the bar, the Greek and Oriental restaurants. Introducing an all-encompassing architectural vocabulary, a dialogue is established, with Greek features highlighted. The image of a multipurpose space inspired by the Cretan village squares is further enhanced through additional elements: The use of timber and greenery, combined with earthy colors, harmonizes the spaces with their environment. The neighborhood feel and the lighthearted atmosphere are offered to patrons as a unique experience, imbued with the singularity of Greek culture.

Clear lines on the layout and appropriate equipment that frame each space, demarcate the individual units and maintain their direct communication.

Timber and stone, which are traditional building materials, are combined with contemporary ones, such as glass, merging old and new.


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