Arranging a contemporary office space in separate workstations requires adaptability to ever-changing needs, flexibility, and a clear aesthetic output. Those were the project objectives in designing the new headquarters of Cactus digital marketing agency in Thessaloniki.

Open Space Office Design

The office space redesign had to be consistent with the vision of a contemporary company. The space features suggested an open space arrangement, and a clear separation of different units. This separation was achieved using indoor plants, namely cacti. Their linear configuration facilitates the flow of movement, the plants add color and become ornamental, and they contribute to sound absorption, given their placement among extensive hard surfaces.

Sound-absorbing Surfaces

Despite indoor vegetation, soundproofing remained an issue, given the ample height and extensive glazing. Therefore, custom, sound-absorbing surfaces were designed to confront the problem. Three long, trapezoidal structures made of three different materials were attached to the roof: Their shape and size provides adequate surface for applying sound-absorbing upholstery, specified against high frequencies such as talking, keyboard sound and telephones; concurrently, they have integrated linear lighting, consistent with the overall look and feel of the space. 

Wire Trays

True flexibility in an open space arrangement is only achieved when wires are channeled in a quick and efficient manner. Obviously, in a large space with smaller workstations, accommodating wires inside the walls is not advisable, therefore wire trays were attached to the roof. The latter are visible, with the trays forming a grid, and fabric wires in many colors adding to the overall aesthetic of the space.


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