Camping home

The owners’ preference for camping in nature basically defined the design approach of this 106m2 apartment in Taipei, the bustling capital of the country.

The wider use of wood on flooring and built-in furniture constructions, but also as a determining material of the apartment’s layout, combined with the views to vegetation both externally and internally, in addition to warmth, gives the desired sense of outdoor living to the space. The entrance leads straight to the unified communal space. To the left there is a built-in kitchen, hidden by sliding wooden panels, with its island bench next to it. The sitting area is to the right of the entrance, while the dining area occupies the center of the space.

Behind the dining area, a floor to ceiling free standing construction in wood and metal functions as a bookcase on the side of the communal space. On the other side, the construction integrates the wardrobe of the en suite master bedroom there, as well as a built-in section of the master bathroom. This particular division of the bathroom in an open and a closed off section allows for a coherent circulation line of transition from the communal space to the private ones. The master bedroom in a white pattern also includes a study space that opens out to the sitting area; A glass sliding panel gives it the option of isolation.

One more bathroom, auxiliary storage spaces and a ‘washitsu’, a Japanese tea ceremony room that can be used as a guest room, are situated at the back of the apartment. Along the façade wall where the sitting and master bedroom’s study are located, large openings allow for an abundant diffusion of natural light in the space. A custom-made iron construction on the ceiling above the dining table accommodates the owners’ collection of oil lamps, as well as houseplants that intensify the sense of camping in nature, within the comfortable interior of an urban apartment.

Design by:
Photos by:
Siew Shien Sam /MWphotoinc

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