Carwan Gallery

Carwan Gallery is a leading international contemporary design gallery founded in 2011 in Beirut, with a focus on promoting and producing cutting-edge collectible design from the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond. Under the direction of Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Quentin Moyse — both architects and creative entrepreneurs – the gallery moved from Beirut into its new space in Piraeus, located in a district of old warehouses that is rapidly turning into a creative hub.

Carwan places an emphasis on developing strong collaborations with cultural organisations, institutions, specialised press, collectors and patrons. The gallery has been invited to showcase its exhibitions at the most important art and design fairs in Dubai, Basel, London, New York and Miami, and has curated design exhibitions at numerous museums and art centers.

Thanks to its highly successful and critically acclaimed work, Carwan is considered a key player amongst the most important contemporary design galleries in the world. After nearly a decade of activities in Lebanon and its participation in more than 50 international exhibitions, the gallery opened its new space in Piraeus in September 2020.

The gallery develops exceptional cross-cultural collaborations that call attention to the region’s most compelling contemporary material culture. Carwan employs a comprehensive design approach via the plurality of its collaborations between architects, artists and designers, prompting a vital and rich exchange of ideas, influences, concepts and know-how.


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