Casa Apalati

Casa Apalati

The country house is located in Pelekas, in western Corfu, a rural area characterised by high density vegetation and unobstructed views of the Adriatic Sea.

The design aimed to create a unified total, distinct with simplicity and finesse, using local elements and materials of Italian influences – as is customary on the island – in a contemporary way, aided by Thetacon’s precise construction. The study produced a four bedroom residence with a 162m2 surface area, and a minimalistic form that integrates completely with the natural environment.

Emphasis is given to the functionality of the plan. The house is divided into two zones, one communal and one private with bedrooms, which fit into a single whole with the aim of quality of life and maximum response to the owners’ needs. Internally, the lofty residence imparts a sense of Corfiot mansions, with its visible timber roof structure and an attic. The entrance leads to the communal zone of the sitting and dining areas and the kitchen. The sitting area enjoys unlimited views, same as the three ground floor bedrooms that function independently, each with an en-suite bathroom. One more bedroom is placed in the attic.

The composition develops from a dialogue between vernacular and contemporary elements, combined with simplicity without anything unnecessary. Materials used are stone, thick plaster and metal, on the windows awnings. The earthy colour palette used in the building smoothly matches the surrounding area, kept minimal and paved in stone, in alternation with the lawn and 47m long swimming pool. The design offers a new dimension to rural living, resulting in a building that is characterised by simplicity and elegance.

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Marios Papacharalampous 
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