Casa C

The beach house is located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina 500m away from the sea. The intention was to animate the house using a path passing through a forest, through patios which capture light and articulate the spaces. The project is developing on one floor where the central patio divides the house into two volumes, one more public and the other one private. A second patio allows the connection with nature from the bedrooms without losing privacy, with a wooden enclosure that generates a rhythm of light and shadow, forming the main facade.

Implanted in a forest, the house is to be experienced already when walking the path in the forest, perceiving it from green gardens that connect the different spaces. The main access is generated from a central patio, which has original pine trees rescued from the area.

The house is completely developed on the ground floor, being a perimeter wall of stone, where the bearing walls support a large roof that acts as a perforated surface, consisting of a thin concrete slab. These perforations allow the passage of light inside the house, generating a play of lights and shadows throughout the day.

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