Casa nostra

The house is in the middle of a garden, designed with two clearly differentiated volumes. One of them, slender and closed, contains bathrooms, stairs, bedrooms and storage, while the other one, horizontal and transparent contains the rest of the living areas. This space acts as a vital center of the house, like a large porch in the middle of the garden, between plants and trees. The house is in a small village and it has been designed to always have nice visuals to the exterior from the inside.

For the horizontal volume a succession of transparency planes dominates the central space between the park in front of the house, the front garden, the living space, the backyard and the creek at the end. For the vertical volume, the smooth light plaster, the manual brick, painted with the same mortar and the wood blinds conform the envelope.

Finally, the garden vegetation, incorporated as natural architecture and tectonics companion, with a varied species of flowers, plants and trees. Every day bring out the coloration, shades and seasonal variations that culminate the spatial atmospheres, enriching the experience of living and feeling the house.

Photos by:

Adria Goula

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