An Architectural Promenade in Puertos del Lago, Argentina

The 450m² house overlooks a lagoon surrounded by the landscape of the Argentine Delta. Its north orientation prescribed the inclusion of a patio with abundant vegetation, which becomes the transitional space between the street and the domestic environment, orienting all internal circulation towards the heart of the building.

Architectural Scenography

On the west-facing façade, a wooden gate slides behind the concrete shell of the building, introducing a scenographic opening of the access towards the main entrance. This changing pathway leads pedestrian movement through the house, evoking different sensations.

Layout Design and Distribution

Past the gate, one first encounters the music room, opening outwards towards a sheltered multipurpose space, occasionally accommodating the car parking. The walk continues to the central patio, where the main entrance door is concealed inside extensive wooden paneling.

Moving forward, past the entrance, one crosses below a floating volume and reaches the backyard porch. This covered outdoor space frames the landscape and directs the gaze towards the infinity pool, where the water mirror merges with the lagoon. From there, one can enter the gallery directly, without going through the house.

Internally, the house is divided into two wings, with the main entrance and staircase at their connection. On the ground level, the main staircase with floating, solid wooden steps, becomes the centerpiece, located in the entrance hall. The integrated living and dining rooms face east and extend to a sheltered terrace, overlooking the infinity swimming pool. The kitchen is in a gallery, concealed behind the staircase. The west unit of the house contains an independent guest house, and the music room facing the street.

The private area is located on the upper floor, whose configuration follows the circulation arrangement of the ground level, dividing two sectors: on the east side, the adults’ area contains a master bedroom suite and a home office space, both with views of the lagoon, and on the west, the children’s area comprises two bedrooms and a bathroom.

A Material Palette in Exposed Concrete

The dominant material of the house is exposed concrete with visible formwork combining untreated wooden planks and smooth phenolic boards; the material palette further includes aluminum frames and travertine floors.

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