This residence is in Tigre neighborhood, very close to Rio de la Plata river delta. The main idea is to create a new interior landscape, by incorporating a green area inside the residence. All the rooms are articulated around this green lung. Following the same idea, the element of water, in the form of a pond containing plants and fish, surrounds the residence.


At the ground floor the living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace are located, and at the upper level the bedrooms are facing the front, while the main suite is enjoying garden views at the back. The predominant color of the residence is white, some selected volumes are dark grey, while the recessed area next to the main entrance is cladded with wood. The dark grey fireplace volume projects over the pond, to the exterior. Plants and water elements are surrounding the composition.


Top priority was to make the residence sustainable, leaving the minimum footprint to the environment. This was achieved both with the orientation, that brings natural light inside the rooms and creates natural ventilation, as well as with the use of all construction materials. In this project the interior and exterior blend together in a joyful composition that contrasts and interacts with the surrounding nature.

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