Clinic in Maroussi

The clinic is located in Athens’ northern suburb of Maroussi, on the second floor of a 150m² open plan building, following the irregular shape of the land parcel.

The design negotiated the programmatic spaces for serving the essential functional and customized needs of a contemporary clinic.

The reception and waiting areas are centrally located, and around them various functional areas are distributed in two zones. The doctor’s office and examination room are south facing, while the main examination room is connected both to the doctor’s office and to the reception. Service spaces are north facing; the secretary desk and a secondary office are consecutive; next is the kitchen, the staff bathroom and patients’ w.c., accessible from the waiting area.

Both zones communicate through an interior corridor, providing staff with independence from the main axis of movement, crossing through the waiting area. The corridor is bordered with the exterior wall of the building and a translucent limit, bringing diffuse light into both spaces.

The entire space is considered as background for developing alternative routes and multiple stations. Reception, waiting, examination, movement, stationing, avoidance, isolation, meeting; the generated spatial qualities result from the complexity implied by the treatment of the layout limits, and by the materiality of the space. This way, the clinic becomes an enclave of diverse, parallel activities.

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