Concrete Frames

The 150m² house is located in the southeastern side of the island, overlooking a deserted gorge. The choice of concrete in this project is a reference to kathikies, the scattered, earthen agricultural constructions that appear as accents in the local dry-stone walls, dotting the landscape.

This is a monolithic, primitive kind of housing, completely integrated into the landscape because of its materiality, of its light-absorbing properties that keep it invisible in the terrain, and its scale. Concrete resembles molten stone, in its neutrality, monolithic character and color affinity. The wooden board formwork alludes to stone building, giving the impression of an articulated material.

The house is broken into three distinct volumes, each one housing a bedroom, and a shade delineating the living room. All movements and accesses are from the outside. The organization follows three different qualities of the outside view: The living room enjoys panoramic vistas and, as a result, becomes theatrical; from anyplace the view of the surroundings is comprehensive.

Movement towards the bedrooms organizes vertical glimpses and captures the view in frames, becoming cinematic. Two parallel walls limiting the bedrooms frame a given landscape, like a painting. Those three different qualities are framed by concrete. Its grey color fades, the neutrality of the frame creates the illusion of its absence, and the feeling that the view is limited, disappears.

The different conditions of moving and seeing are defined with the use of grey mass, vanishing the limits. The tenants, the space and its objects come into a relation between object and background, where the latter is the house’s concrete structure.


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