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Types of Cookies we use:


Necessary Cookies

The lack of cookies in this category affects the operation of the site. Without them, functions such as logging in, navigation to pages and using tools and services, searching and reading of texts based on their choices and settings are not feasible. Disabling these cookies lead to the consequence of not being able to use our site.


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Advertising cookies are used to select and display advertisements tailored to the user’s interests. These cookies are used to provide content that is most relevant to you and your interests as well as to send targeted ad / offers or to restrict ad views. With these cookies we collect data on the effectiveness of each ad and on your interaction with uses Google Adwords Conversion TagGoogle Adwords Remarketing TagFacebook PixelLinkedin Insight Tag and Hotjar.


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We use security cookies to verify users, to prevent unlawful usage of login credentials and to protect user data from unauthorized parties.


Disabling Cookies

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